Friday, March 21, 2014


Skipping Media Friday.  With so many videos being shared on the Facebook it's hard to find anything "new" to really use here. So Media Friday May have to be re-imagined in the future, but today I will not worry about that.

Yesterday I had to do some prep for this weekend.  I cranked up the tunes, poured a beer, and got to work.  Except I got distracted by some semi-related bike stuff.  I had gone out to the pterodactyl for a tool to aid in the work I had ahead of me and got distracted by two things.  Scheming a sleeping arrangement in the pterodactyl as an option for my trip this summer to mid/north America, and how this weekend might be a perfect trial run of said arrangement.  And putting my inspection sticker on my plate to verify that the pterodactyl was indeed street worthy - even though my bike rack covers that up and from what I hear you can drive around with inspection sticker expired for 5 or so years without a problem... anyway, it was remedied.

Once all that was sorted out it was back to the Bike Haven to get to work: take the damn Ferris Wheel off the Glow Worm for the 49er.  18t never looked so small!!  That was relatively easy - switch cog, switch chain, adjust EBB.  1/3 of a beer.

Then it was "fun time."  Not only set up tubeless on the Meuse, but put on bigger rubbers.  I started with the front first.  I have some 2.0s that I used in the winter short track series last year that I thought might work... Got the front set up, and there was clearance!

Set up the rear and no rotation, the tire fit snugly in the crotch of the bike (chainstay/BB area).  Finished beer.

Ok, no problem, I'll run skinnier in the rear and fatter up front.  Kinda like the Glow Worm... I've got a name for the Meuse.  So a sscx bike that is quick, light, sexy as hell, and running skinny/fat - Silk Worm.  Holla.

Put the original tire on the rear and got that all set up again.  I took the pump to the front tire to make sure I had good pressure in there to help ensure proper set up... Once up to the "correct" psi the tire no longer rotated in the fork.....  Of course.  Crack second beer.

 I let out air and left it alone.  I'll have to switch out tires again, and put in an order for some wider cx tires that Asylum has already proven fit.  Rolling on 40s.  

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