Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Just like last year, things started off with announcements from the roof top.

I met up with Irish Luke, Good Guy Greg and a couple other locals.  Good Guy Greg handed me a flask, "you need to catch up."  He was wearing his DC jersey and representing well.  After announcements were made and details laid, people got their shit together quickly and we were all ready to roll out.  This year everyone was to have an "Accountabilibro" (a partner who will stay with you if you get "swept") - although I was not worried about this... I unknowingly would play this role more than once over the course of the day... and pretty quickly actually.

We took off through some neighborhood streets, eventually spilling out onto The Plaza.  Here our huge group took up the right line, it was a sight to see.  We got a lot of waves, honks, and people whipping their phones out to capture the glory that was out bike conglomerate.  

On the way over I chatted with Irish Luke about his upcoming move, and gathered important details about who won the "irish accent" contact held during his St. Patrick's Day party.  Rules were simple; read Brad Pitt lines from Snatch in your best accent.  The winner - a Croatian who apparently mangled the whole thing so horribly that it was glorious.
We made our way to a park were we paused quickly to get directions for racers and party pacers.  
As I looked over the crowd I noticed GGG had his bike upside down and he was fiddling with his rear wheel so I made my way over.  Apparently he was loosing air so I lent him my pump.  There was no evidence of a leak and he had just aired up yesterday... so we filled it and hoped for the best.  The group headed out leaving up with sketchy directions to the exact location.  Dicky hung back with us since we didn't really know where these new trails were to show us the way.  I didn't get to see all of the trail back there, but from the sounds of things there might be a nice opportunity out there - and not very far at all!!

Beers were cracked and we set up next to a nice "cavity" to catch all the action.  I've got many pictures... but I'll just share some "choice" ones (mostly of people who went big and caught air)

Irish Luke

This guy was jumping everything, everywhere

Just cause it looks like he took a seat to the nuts... yikes!

Then, it was off to stage 2... tomorrow.

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