Thursday, March 20, 2014

I guess it's Spring

Apparently it is Spring...

This morning the facebook informed me of this.  I read the post of a friend who enlightened me in a "punch in the face" sort of way.  It read: 

Good news.  The post comes from the Boston area - so the hostility is warranted.

I guess I knew Spring was coming since about Tuesday.  Since I clearly do not use a calendar in a productive way, how could I have know about it's imminent approach you may ask?  Poison ivy, that's how.  Apparently as I stood in the rain for the kids race on Sunday I picked up a nice line of poison ivy across my left shin.  It's that time of year again... yayyyyyyy.

Today it's supposed to get to the upper 60s, tomorrow and Saturday in the 70s so yeah, Spring is here.  Hopefully the wet weather will subside more permanently soon so I can get back to taking advantage of why we moved down here in the first place!!

Don't worry New England, things will get better.

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