Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bike Haven

My goal for the winter break was to finally get my bike room up and running.  Up until now it's been a room with bikes in it (among other things) but has not been super functional other than as a storage area.  It was time to remedy that.

I enlisted the help of my father while he was visiting to construct a work bench.  After that I hung bikes up and set up a mini fridge (that my dad brought down) and set up speakers and a stereo.  I will admit that I have a few more minor additions/organizing to be done yet, but it is looking pretty damn good if I do say so myself.  Having a dedicated space for all things bikes is pretty kick ass, and I apologize in advance if you aren't so lucky... enjoy!

Bench completed and installed

Getting set to hang bikes (already had speakers up!)

View from the hallway - 2 bikes (sscx and Glow Worm)

As you enter - a clutter free area complete with flamingos!!  (Students at my last school decided for me that I like flamingos...)

Turning left as you come in - 4 bikes (Georgia, 4300, Annie's Wahoo, HiFi)

Once I had everything done it was time to celebrate... I only had one beer in the house, luckily it was a good one!  Tasted so good after a job well done!

View from outside.  It is so nice coming back to an organized space after a ride.


  1. What kinda son are you??? Drink the last beer while you watch him work.....

  2. Advocat sez: Sa-weeeeet!

  3. this so swesome, so lucky to have a room dedicated to bikes