Friday, January 17, 2014

Down the road...

I almost skipped today, did you notice I didn't post yesterday?  I think I missed out Tuesday too...  I dunno. It's probably going to be like this until March. I'm going to try my best not to be a slacker, but this slacking is two fold. Mountain biking has all but shut down in these parts due to rainsssssss and work is just jam packed with happenings. A busy and non bike riding Eastwood is not the Eastwood you are looking for.

All that aside, I was ready to swallow another skip today when my facebooks reminded me about this. Pisgah Monster Cross

This is something I should do. This is something the Meuse has been begging me to do. I know... it's a needy bastard. But who can really complain about a bike that just begs to be ridden?  So I do have to check the logistics (aka - make sure I'm not committed to anything else that weekend) - I'm not a good planner and this season is already shaping up to be the season of a variety events/race types. 

This season will be a wild ride that will certainly teach me many a lesson. I've already been stomped by the Snake, but I hope to have my revenge come February... er March. Immediate plans are to go beat myself up in Pisgah on one of the many death marches available. DWayne and I plan on hitting up Heartbreak Ridge on Monday. But, if I have some free time today, perhaps I can throw some money into the internerds and commit myself to the Pisgah Monster Cross Challenge. 

So, not a very "media" friendly post today. But this did come across my screen via media sharing on the facebooks. Totally. 

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