Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Exhausted Bigfoot

It's days like these that I wish I drank coffee. 

Like that old school computer, the thing takes floppy disks!!

I was at school last night until after 8pm. My ONLY solice is the fact that it's been wet here so there was no group ride anyway.  I did get to leave school for a little. My first after school meeting ended at 5 with the next starting at 7. Not enough time to make going home worthwhile, but too much time to stick around - I was DONE. So, I figured I could waste some time at the mall. 

Lame, I know. But, totally worth it. Check out this amazing score!

Yeah that's a Bigfoot sweater!!  And you better believe I'll be wearing this to school on Friday!  That is my carrot to make it through this week. That, and the fact that it's a three day weekend. 

The ache is still there in my knee, but I'm feeling like I should be back on the bike... you know, when I get some free time. 

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