Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Last night around 9pm I got THE text - school is cancelled for Wednesday.

I looked out the window and took the following picture.  I figured friend and family in New England would enjoy it/curse me.

I'm not sure how much snow we ended up with, but as I got up this morning and looked out the window I said "looks like I should get the broom and shovel the walkway."  It's got to be less than an inch.  To our snow filled winters of New England, this is absolutely mental.  But I'll take it.  It was 60 on Monday.... snow on Tuesday - a bit crazy, but it's a nice break mid week.  Truth of the matter, they have nothing in terms of plowing, salting/sanding so people really do panic road wise here.  On the facebooks I saw many posts from friend in Georgia about getting stranded due to road closures - not THAT sucks.  I don't know how I would be able to handle the police telling me I couldn't drive in an inch of snow...  luckily I didn't have to deal with that mess.

Before I was even able to assess the damage from the snow storm last night, my task of the day was a foot - fix a chair.  Crappy video... and you have to watch till the end... but one of the best lines ever (or at least to my brother and I, we are constantly fixing things via "the lug nut")

Saving Silverman Nacho Scene from Jonathan Poritsky on Vimeo.

This morning, I was actually able to fix a chair due to a loose/bust "lug nut."

Ok, now back to what I should have posted yesterday.  Here are my additions to the reports you have already likely seen from the Winter Short Track race on Sunday.

TheMutt's version: I was on the same side of the race as TheMutt, so all I can do is add pictorial representations for the most part.  I guess I can add that I rode over to the race on my Meuse, and that Dicky gave a verbal approval of the bike (or at least the look of it).

I put my heart into providing great cheer for the racers....

and then they ran it over.

Money was even fronted for their efforts - many riders snubbed our meager offerings.  But one racer, one GLORIOUS racer (Paul Cunningham) put his life at risk to earn our Washingtons.  TWICE!


Piñata dodging and glitter sprinkling 
Spotting the dollar - ah, but it's too late...
Dropped his bike, sprinted back for the dollar
Narrowly escaping certain death by mountain bike
Stowing his (ground)dollar for safe keeping 

and... the money shot
(was over in the blink of a shot)

Paul snatched that dollar right out of the air!

Apparently no one other than Paul could see the dollars, so we jazzed dollar number 3 up a bit - maybe some sparkle would attract other riders??  The ante was upped a bit as part of dollar 2 was added to dollar three...

Purple sparkle dollar and a 7th
I do not believe anyone got the final dollar??

Dicky's version: Dicky was not wrong, he raced.

lap 1
lap 2

If I took the time to crop these they would look pretty damn similar (I mean, they already do.... but, you know...).  Dicky has some mean form.  But, things continued like this... pretty much the same thing multiple times so I stopped taking photos and opted for beer.

I had to put down my beer when I saw that Dicky made a mid-race wardrobe change.

I did get Dicky's second attempt at the pro line - he was looking good and I thought he might clean it.

But nope, he couldn't hold the line for the final rock...

 And had to bow out

Almost taking Tom Tom out in the process - look at those reflexes!

 And then DrunkCyclist (which was side line repping) had a strong showing IN the race - hand ups!!

Yeah, he's downing an IPA
Besides the cheering (heckling), glitter, pinatas, beer, and oh yeah... racing; there were families with kids and dogs.

And you know what?  Everyone got a long and had a great time!  

After that things wound down, I handed over my remaining glitter to a little kid who wanted it, and I rode home.  As a racer, I've always appreciated those that stand around in the woods and cheer us on - it's always a great boost.  Who knew that being on the other side could be just as much fun?!

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