Thursday, January 9, 2014


Since The Snake I've been sick and I've been hobbling.  

I guess Mother Nature has taken pity on me and dropped the temperatures around here to the teens, and maybe some single digit action here or there. How could this be a sign of pity you ask?  GREAT question. 

Well, you see, these low temperatures down here have earned us a two hour delay on both Tuesday and Wednesday. So for me (who was out sick on Monday) this has given me two days two sleep in a little later to get more rest and ease my way back into the swing of things. Today is a full day, bummer...  

Illness wise I'm feeling better. Things have transitioned from a throat/fever thing to a sinus war. My knee felt pretty good on Tuesday... until I was standing and walking around for lunch duty. I could feel some not so enjoyable lateral play in my knee. At the end of the day when I got up to leave I was welcomed back to the stages of pain and stiffness. Yesterday it was a painful chore to get up out of my seat. After taking some ibuprofen things seemed to improve some so I guess I will just need to be proactive with the pill popping, and maybe throw a brace on for some extra support. 

The good thing is that the swelling (for the most part) seems to have subsided and there is no dark bruising - which calms my concerns that things could have been bad (ie. a tear). Fingers crossed it's just a bruised bone or something, after all, I got me some boney knees. 

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