Thursday, January 30, 2014

What a Waste!

So after I swept our walkway and sidewalk clear of snow and warmed up Annie's car for her it was back inside for a whole day to do whatever I pleased with.  With the Snake.2 coming this weekend I now had plenty of time to make sure gear was clean, the Glow Worm was running smooth, overthink/overpack clothing options, etc.  But first, it was time to have a cup of coffee (had a hankering for some reason) and sit down to some crappy movies.

And thus my morning progressed, crappy movie rolling into crappy movie.  Ok, now it's time to get up and be productive... but first - a couple time wasting video games.  Ok, it's still (barely) before the end of my "work day" so I can get a head start on getting stuff straight for this weekend.  Did someone say bikes?  Is that a sale on bike related products I see on the internerd?

I was now stuck in my chair.  Reading reviews, comparing prices, colors, options.  Hemming and hawing on whether or not to pull the trigger, or rather have Annie pull the trigger as she said she wanted to buy me something bike related but wanted me to pick it out (part of her Christmas gift to me).  It was down to two... and then wait for Annie to come home to get her input and then her credit card.  Purchase made - new sweet something coming my way - I'll share when they get here.

Annie was surprised by the price, much better than she was expecting - and really less than I had expected to be looking at but I found what I liked at a great price, so win-win.  But, knowing that there was money left (not really, but hypothetically) it was back to looking at prices for another probably future purchase.  Comparing, searching, battling between staying with the same brand/model or going "newer," you know, the drama of bike porn.

Before long Annie was done with her post work-work, and had played the piano, so it was time to sit down and watch a movie to relax together.  I had already been advised that we would be having a two hour delay the following morning so I had no strict bedtime.  All throughout the movie I had my fingers crossed hoping that in the morning our delay would be upgraded to a full on closure like so many other schools.  Not so much because I thought it was necessary, but because the guilt of wasting a day was weighing heavy on me.

Welp, no luck.  Off to school for a shortened day.  Then stopping at the store to pick up some last minute race gear before I clean bottles, sort clothes, clean the Glow Worm to "good enough" status and hopefully settle in to bed at a reasonable hour to get some solid rest.

Haven't been on the bike since Sunday and my knee is still a bit of a concern.  Although riding hasn't really bothered it while riding, I'm more concerned with any hiking.  I still feel lateral looseness/weakness and have since started sporting a light brace to see if that will help any.  Behind my knee continues to feel tight, as if I need to stretch - but stretching doesn't seem to make a difference...

Bright side of things -

race day weather is looking promising.  It will be interesting to see where start time temps are hovering.

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