Tuesday, December 31, 2013


My musings on the Meuse... yeah, I did that.

This thing is a rocket!  Super light (batteries are dead in my scale and I forgot to check what kind of batteries I needed before going to Home Depot, twice) and accelerates like a cheetah - assuming they accelerate quickly, cause this thing does!

Paired nicely with its featherweight status is a confidence inspiring stability. It is easily maneuverable over roots and rocks, seemingly floating over anything in its path. 

Component wise, it's got a nice stock setup. With Stan's Iron Cross wheels, this thing can (and will) be set up tubeless.
Looks like I've got some room with the fork and frame to play with to fit a larger tire, and I'll likely go larger as my bike will be seeing more trail than it will grassy field.

    I like the step up to disc brakes, it's just taking some getting used to mechanical brakes over hydraulic when on the trail. I've always found that, over any other change (29er to 26, full suspension to rigid) to be the most difficult to adjust to. I'm really digging the handlebars!

They just seem to be the perfect width for both tucking in and maneuvering through a trail. And the layback seat post sets me up perfectly on the bike.

Saddles are always a tough one as everyone has there personal preference, so I wasn't sure how I'd like the WTB Silverado Thinline. At first I had some squeak coming from the seat post clamp rubbing the saddle with each pedal strike - absolutely maddening. That has been remedied and I have to day that the saddle has been treating me pretty well so far. It isn't as hard as the Selle Italia SLR XC that has been my go to, but it is pretty stiff with good flex (as proven by the squeak...)

And did I mention that this thing looks good?  A nice blacked out component set looks so nice against the carbon frame. The red on the inside of the Columbus fork gives a nice little coloring to the overall bike. A TINY griped in my perfectionist way is that the wet seat post does not match the frame as nicely as the matte stem (which has wet spacers - then again, the headset is wet).

But that is a small detail that by no means takes away from the overall awesomeness that is the Meuse.

I'd say that it is clear from the big ass smile on my face that this bike is a hit!

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