Monday, January 27, 2014


It's Monday. Snake.2 is this Saturday and right now things are looking... ok.

My knee, although not relegating me to old man status (aches and pain under weight) as much, it is still making me aware of its existence. Behind my knee things seem tight, and as I ride I can feel a stretch or a burn back there. I don't feel that I'm getting overextended as I pedal, but I might just have to play with seat height to see if that will make the difference. Or, maybe I should actually do some stretching?  In any case, I'm thinking I might need to get a knee brace as my knee continues to "find itself."

Even with the burn, which I felt when out in Pisgah last weekend - thought it was just a tight muscle and did try to stretch it a few times on the trail - I was still able to ride without a problem. I just don't want to incur a long standing issue by pushing myself now on something that is tolerable. Ok, that might have sounded wishy washy... don't get me wrong, I'll be in Georgia Saturday. I'm looking forward to a (fingers crossed) much improved performance. 

But check out the preliminary weather forecast for Saturday!  

I'm loving the temperature for sure. Hoping the rain will get pushed back as we get closer, but we shall see. I have absolutely no idea what I'll do if rain is a real possibility. Historically I haven't worried about racing in the rain because my XC races were so short I'd just go race in my jersey and bibs. But I don't think I want to add soggy misery to this race if the rain was going to tag along. The jacket I wore for the first race is water resistant, but with temps in the 50s I would certainly overheat. Might have to do a little shopping for some proper rain gear - blah. 

I'll make that call Wednesday or Thursday, effectively screwing myself in the process I'm sure as I will have to settle for whatever I can scavenge locally. Who knows. Maybe I'll just garbage bag it if I get desperate. Ha ha. Depending on temps at the start of the race, and depth of the creek, I might just ride through this time. 

Can't believe round two is here already!

I'll let everybody else (TheMutt, Dicky) talk about the Winter Short Track today... I'll cover what they missed (or reiterate the really cool parts) tomorrow.

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