Monday, January 13, 2014

Missed Opportunities

This weekend was a wash for bikes. Saturday was raining/wet so the trails wouldn't be an option. It was torturous because the temperature (which had been in the teens and twenties early/mid week) was back up in the 60s!!

With my knee still janky from my crash last weekend I wasn't going to push for a road ride. Sunday my plan was to ride over to the winter short track race to support/heckle/take pictures (and maybe even throw some... glitter?). Saturday night I faced a bit of insomnia so Sunday came around with me exhausted. I hoped I could get an early morning power nap in to get into a right state of mind to attend the races at a respectable hour. Fatigue coupled with the continuation of knee pain made me miss the festivities. 

I really did not want to risk aggravating it with riding to and from the race. I could have driven. But the thought of walking around in the woods all day sounded a bit risky as well with my knee concerns. I likely would have risked it if I had slept right... but I'm kinda glad I didn't. Likely wouldn't have been a good move for my knee. Although, this morning my knee is feeling a lot better as it doesn't seem to pain me so much with movement anymore. Instead, there is more of just a lingering and constant dull pain.

All that being said, the weather was PERFECT yesterday for the race... guess Mother Nature didn't know it was a WINTER short track series. I'm sure you'll be able to catch up with all the shenanigans I missed out on over with TheMutt

This week looks like it will be a giant loss as well in terms of riding. I have meetings after school Monday, Tuesday (with a presentation to attend at 7pm!!!!), Wednesday, AND Thursday. Full week for sure.  My only hope is that my knee will be solid for this weekend as DWayne and I might head to the mountains for some torture training. I guess this week I can show the Glow Worm some love and clean it all up and make it like new again, it still has that Georgia mud on it. 

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