Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I'm getting old. I MUST be. Since I've been back to work I have typically hit a "nap patch" around 7:30 pm in front of the TV. Typically, after about a 30 minute battle I'm able to stay awake. 

Monday I lost the battle. HARD!  I think I fell asleep in the living room BEFORE 7. When I did come to I knew the battle was lost and I tucked my tail and slid into bed... for the night. 

Last night was our social ride. Except, with only 4 of us in the group the pace was a bit quicker than social. It was fun for sure. Food and beer afterwards was spot on. But that left me getting home right before bed time (10 pm). 

This morning I'm drinking a coke with my breakfast, posting from my smarty phone. 

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