Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dupont Double

Just a reminder of my disclosure from yesterday:

This won't make any sense right now, but it has to be said: there were butterflies!  This isn't said for really any purpose for today's post... or for this blog, necessarily.  But, throughout my adventures this weekend there was a situation where there were a number of butterflies flying around me for whatever reason... and it might come up over here... and if it does, and you see it, I just want you to know this one thing: there were butterflies!

 I have a feeling that it is important to remember that today.

I also have a feeling that those of you who follow both myself and TheMutt will be in for a double dose of our trip to Dupont.  Deal with it.  He'll say stuff I'll forget, and I'll mention stuff he'll forget... so really, it's just one more complete story with the two of us telling it.  So, you are welcome.  

Although we got hit up with a detour on the way to the trail, we did indeed make it there.  And I did, indeed, injure myself BEFORE the damn ride even started.  I didn't even know the extent of my injury until I got home later that night.

Walking out of the port-a-potty I slammed my head into the doorway... I shoulda just peed in the woods!

The group was a gnarly set of rigid singlespeeders (myself, TheMutt, and G3 or Good Guy Greg), Lunchbox, and we picked up a straggler in the parking lot, Jeff - from Myrtle Beach.  TheMutt put on his ride leader helmet (figure of speech, he doesn't actually have a special helmet) and led us on our trip through the woods, with the aid of his trusty map reading skills.  

We started off on a nice little climb that quickly separated the ss from the gears.  It also set the tone for the ride.  Just remember this one thing - when you ride in the mountains, there is only one more climb after this one.
We hit some trails I have ridden before, and some that I probably had not.  It was a fun ride, and really nice to be riding somewhere different and "new."  Ready for the picture tour?  I'm ready.  Let's go!
We took a wrong turn and ended up on a covered bridge.
I took a picture of some rushing water - it will become a theme.
Lunchbox watches as TheMutt fixes his flat for him.
It will become a theme.
As we were waiting on the fix, this monster of a bug bit me through my bibs
After the flat we continued on our quest to find a waterfall.... because, you know, there are so few in the area.  We climbed on some rocks and hung out for a bit.

I climbed out on a rock in the middle of the river/creek - downstream
TheMutt and G3 sitting at the waters edge
upper fall
TheMutt put Lunchbox on "time out" for flatting.
Yes, I DID take pictures of butterflies...
I'm running out of time!!  We ended our ride on Ridgeline... like any good visit to Dupont should.  It was fun, but the trail was a bit washed out in sections.  That amazing and HUGE wall ride is a mess now, boo.  Oh, and guess what?

Lunchbox flatted on Ridgeline, and TheMutt fixed it again.
What a nice dad!
There is still more to this adventure, but I guess I'll have to share that tomorrow... sorry!

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