Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Be Seen

The time of year when the sun goes away for longer than it visits and the hunters come out to play is quickly approaching.  As riders, whether on the road or on the trail, it's time to think about being seen.

On the trail blaze orange should be your friend as the deer run for their lives and the turkeys hunker down to hide.  I MUST have written about my blaze orange gear before... but I can't seem to find it in the old stuff... and I can't find a picture of my blaze orange helmet cover anywhere... I could take a picture of it now but that would mean I'd have to go to the pterodactyl to get it.  And I'm not doing that.  So trust me, I have an orange helmet cover.

Seriously, I blogged about it before... cause it's nice and water resistant yet breathable.  It's the stuff.  I do have a picture of my blaze orange goalie jersey/don't shoot me jersey.

Old picture from a race at Winding Trails

Annie also picked up an orange/reflective vest - you know, the kind that crossing guards and street workers wear.  No, not THAT kind of street worker.
"spanish prostitutes ordered to wear reflective vests" - no joke!
But yes... be seen.  Don't get mistaken for a deer... on a bike... that sounds nothing like a deer... Just don't get shot, ok??

And then we have the pavement.  Use those neat blinky lights and wear something bright.  Like the sweet jersey I got the other day.  It was on a super sweet sale so I had to get it... and the timing couldn't have been better (I still would have bought it on the brightest day of the year).


I had to turn the lights off the jersey is so bright.  But I love it.  I think it might just catch a motorist's attention, don't you?

Stay safe out there!

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