Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Making friends

You may not know this about me, but I'm a pretty shy dude.  I'm not generally super outgoing, so if I don't know you I'm pretty laid back and reserved.  Once you get to know me, not so much.  Biking makes it easier though, gives a common ground to just be able to talk to random people in the parking lot, on the trail, in a shop, on the street, and wherever else bicycles might be found.  

Sometimes, I even make the types of friends I'd rather not have...

I hate spiders!  They creep me out.  No, I am not scared of spiders.  I am just not a fan of them on a ride.  I don't enjoy their webs in my mouth.  I don't like to think about the fact that a spider may now be on my back, or in my helmet because I just got draped with a big ass web as I'm flying down a trail.  I DO NOT like to feel them crawling on me.  And least of all, I do not enjoy them biting me.

I found this guy AFTER my ride crawling up my thigh... so he was on there for the long haul.  Thankfully he didn't molest me (at least to my knowledge) and was a silent passenger.  His white markings look kinda ominous though...  my limited search could not identify him... but he lives in Dark Mountain if you want to go find him.

I also met a father and his two sons while I was on the trail.  Much more pleasant interaction than with Mr. Spider... had a nice chat with them.  In the parking lot before the ride chatted with a family about the trail.  Between loops talked with two guys interested in how trail conditions were - gave them the run down: good, some puddles here and there, roots a bit slick, but good.

And then of course the "how are ya?"(s) and "thank you," "have a great day" whenever I met someone on the trial.  I like to be as courteous as can be when on the trail... people complain about bikers, so I want to give them as little as possible to complain about.  We are all ambassadors of mountain biking, whether we like it or not.  Be nice; we are all out to have fun - whether that is on foot, two wheels, or yes, even horseback.    


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