Monday, August 5, 2013

I'll start... somewhere

This won't make any sense right now, but it has to be said: there were butterflies!  This isn't said for really any purpose for today's post... or for this blog, necessarily.  But, throughout my adventures this weekend there was a situation where there were a number of butterflies flying around me for whatever reason... and it might come up over here... and if it does, and you see it, I just want you to know this one thing: there were butterflies!

Thursday I hit the Booty Loop for a quick spin and spent most of my time chasing people.

Moots rider, I was happy to follow him because he absolutely hammered the longer hill.

Thursday also marked the arrival of my EBB II from Niner.  I waited to install it until Friday, because that's how I roll.  I consulted with TheMutt and threw some Oateys on there, "just in case."  

While I was at it I also stole my XT pedals off the HiFi.

Now the HiFi sits sadly in the corner... naked.

Niner included a sweet little something something when they shipped me the EBB II.  I don't know if they even knew they sent it to me.

A cell phone bag!!  Now I can keep my cell phone dry while eating up mountain trail.  And that was the plan.  The Glow Worm was now ready, and hopefully slip free, for a ride out at Dupont.  The only question left was... could we get there?

But, I'll save the rest of that adventure for tomorrow.  I will say this - ZERO slippage with the EBB II installed.  I'm back to 100% singlespeed!! (I was down to about 98% singlespeed with the annoyances I was experiencing with the EBB slippage).  

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