Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Off season...

With the final race of the southern classic series coming up fast, it's time to start thinking about the off season... kind of. 

I still have the Southern Singlespeed Championships coming up in September.  Then of course, Snake Creek Gap TT in Jan, Feb, and March (not sure why March got spelled out while the others were abbreviated, but it just felt right). In any case, I'm starting to think ahead and try to plan out what I should be doing in the "off season" to prepare for a successful singlespeed season next year - in whatever form that takes on. 

So, I started back in the gym yesterday. When it comes to workouts, I'm a very regimented individual. I like to plan out workout days, pairing exercises in each workout for maximum benefit, all that good stuff. Yesterday, I went in blind. New gym, no real plan. 

Not good. I pieced together a string of exercises to "wake up" my muscles. Side note: I'm not a good stretcher. When it came time to squat I was planning on just hitting on my form and not pilling on the weight. I "stretched," but not enough. I could still feel it in my muscles but figured it was "good enough."

It wasn't. My first set was ok. Felt it in the back of my thighs but I was getting nice and low and figured it was just a stretch. I loosened up my legs a bit with more stretching before set 2. Set 2 was good. Form was great. Went in for set 3 and my legs screamed as I was getting into position. I stepped back, stretched, and tried again. My thighs protested and I paused, but did not listen. One rep and I was done. My legs were not happy with me and I was a bit concerned I'd done too much too quick. 

At home I sat watching TV with ice under my thighs. As the evening progressed I could still "feel it" in my legs but it felt more like the typical "burn" after a workout. This morning, I am feeling pretty good. I am eager to get on the bike to see how pedaling will feel. 

Lesson learned. STRETCH. It's been a long time, I've got to ease into this whole lifting deal again. 

* posted from my phone, so I apologize for no links and whatnot. 

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