Wednesday, August 14, 2013

dry run

I'm already thinking about the 34 miles and 5000 ft of climbing that I will be enduring for the Snake Creek Gap TT.  I'm not dreading it, I'm thinking about it.  I'm roughing out a checklist of things i need to do/improve in order to make the event that much more... "manageable."  I could, of course, opt for the 17 miles course.  But no.  A belt buckle is on the line.  If you know me, you know that my world is rocked when I get a free t-shirt at a race.  The potential for a belt buckle, well, let's just say there is no way I'm not doing what I need to do to acquire said belt buckle.

This past weekend I did a "fitness test" of sorts.  I wanted to get a baseline so I can focus my...focus.  The big three things that I need to order are: hydration, food, and of course, fitness.  Historically I've been a "drink when you are dying of thirst" and "eat once you've bonked" kind of rider.  That's no good and should change just because.  It certainly has to change for a 34 mile race.  Then of course, I need to get my legs and lungs up to the challenge.

I hit up Lake Norman since I knew I could get miles in without getting all repeaty and bored.  On my first run I went out armed with water and some energy food stuffs.  I know that I will be utilizing Osmo Active for training and the race, but figured  I should get a ride in with just water so that I can monitor the added benefits of using Osmo.  I tried to regiment myself and drink a bottle in about 45 minutes and I also attempted to eat something every hour.  I did ok hitting both of those marks.  
Overall I felt ok on the ride.  I tried to hold back in the start and pace myself for the day.  I felt like I kept pretty good momentum throughout most of the ride.  Towards the end a combination of tiredness and rain/wet trails decreased my output and cut my ride short.  
According to my garmins I rode 23.4 miles and climbed 2129 ft.  Not race length, but  I didn't necessarily need to reach that goal this early.  First impressions?  

Be prepared.  I left my riding gloves back at the house and rode sans gloves.  I can NOT do that.  My hands were entirely too sweaty, and although I didn't crash or slip off the bars because of it, it was an annoyance and a worry throughout the ride.  So, I need my gloves.

I need to play with food... more so, how to access it during the ride.  Osmo has a whole list of cool food ideas with recipes and everything... so I'll try some of those out over the next couple of weeks and give reviews if you are so inclined to play with your own nutritional needs.  
I didn't cramp, but I was sore, and tired.  Not dead tired, but tired enough that I was secretly happy the the rain came and the trails were not great - "allowing" me to cut my ride short.  I probably only cut off 3-5 miles (if that) but still.

So the question, will Osmo Active provide a noticeable difference?  Probably?  But I'll go back out, maybe this weekend, and hit the same route armed with Osmo and let you know.

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