Thursday, August 8, 2013

It's in the details.

As I retold the epic tales of my life this past weekend, I forgot to include an important picture.  I think it speaks for itself.

TheMutt took this picture.  So TheMutt gets the photo credit.  TheMutt
Well, I hope it speaks for itself.  I'm not sure why exactly this was posted up on the Oskar Blues Brewery, but it was there.  And seemed important.  Well, more funny.  So TheMutt was kind enough to get me there reinforcing the "no straps" rule.

Ok... so to the point of todays edition - nutrition.  I don't know about you, but for me, nutrition seems like an important thing, but is widely ignored.  I typically bring water on rides.  And ignore it.  I'm horrible at staying ahead of the hydration curve.  And if I struggle with drinking water on a regular basis, where do you think I sit in the "consuming calories" ball field while riding?  You got it... I'm in the tunnels under the ballpark, LOST.

This is something that has to be addressed.  This will be especially true as my sites are now on The Snake Creek Gap Time Trial.  Luckily, I have some time to figure out the nutritional aspects of my riding... and get my legs and lungs in order!  I've never raced any long distances, so 34 will be a big one.  I've never raced anything with aid stations... so something tells me I should be drinking and consuming!  

I'm happy to say, that I at least have somewhere to start on this nutritional exploration.  Prior to heading out to Dupont I stopped in Uptown Cycles to pick up some extra tubes and get something in the area of nutrition as I wasn't sure how long/far we'd be riding.  The staff was great and hooked me up with some great products.  I still have some of the nutritional bars and whatnot left, since the ride was at a medium pace.  

But, I do have a pretty damn good idea what I'll be sipping on from here on out.  Osmo Active Hydration.  I wanted something that I could add to water while out on the trail, and wanted something that wasn't so sugary.  I was pointed in the direction of Osmo.  I was informed that it was a big seller, especially with the triathletes, and that Uptown was the only local dealer.  I chose to go with the blackberry flavor as I've never been a big fan of orange sports drinks.... long story.

Although the Dupont ride probably wasn't a great test for the effectiveness of the drink, I can say this: it tasted awesome!!  Awesome in the fact that the flavor wasn't overpowering, giving a nice faint hint of blackberry.  No nasty aftertaste.  Just crisp fresh blackberry infused water.  But with all the extra goodness to keep my legs turning those cranks.  

I will be going to pick up some more Osmo for sure and really testing it out on some harder training rides... I'll just have to work on actually drinking while riding instead of waiting until I'm already dying of thirst.  I'll keep you posted on it's performance as I get more rides in while drinking it.  

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