Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Where to get the beer?

After triumphing over the oppressive butterfly king I was thirsty.

A big thanks goes out to TheMutt for documenting my victory, now children will be told of my legend of ages to come!

But yes, the victor was thirsty... so where do you go when you are thirsty in Brevard?  Well, that is easy.  You go to the one place that has it all: The Pisgah Tavern, nestled right in the bosom of The Hub.  I'm now a card holding member... which means I can drink beers there.  I'm special.

As we were leaving I saw a sign, and it was GLORIOUS!

It was a sign... in an actual sign.... but there it was, calling out to me.  TheMutt put his foot down and decided there was more beer to be drunk in the area.  I reluctantly left my thrown, trusting that my minions would self rule with honor and dignity.

Next stop was the Oskar Blues Brewery right there in Brevard.  Our timing was impeccable and as we rolled in a tour was just starting, so we jumped in on that madness.  And madness it was, that brewery is a speed demon of an operation.  It's a pretty sweet facility, so if you are in the area check it out!  You can tell them Eastwood sent you... but I'm not sure what good that will really do for you.  Let me know how it goes for you anyway!

Truth be told, going into the brewery I wasn't a fan of Oskar Blues.  That is unfair, because I had only had Dale's Pale Ale before and was NOT a fan in the least bit.  I didn't know where to start once the tour was over so I did a little sampling.  TheMutt partook as well, although he went in reverse order (dark to light) - something about beer temperatures and other fancy sciency reasoning.  I wasn't really feeling Mama's Little Yella and the previously mentioned Dale's, but after that I was enjoying the selection.  So much that I knew I was getting myself a growler.

I won!
The decision on which to get was a difficult one.  Although I enjoyed the selection, which would be the lucky winner?  I eventually decided on going with Ten Fidy, their imperial stout (10.5 abv).  I mean, the growler alone was a thing of beauty... but it filled with Ten Fidy was magical.  WAS, cause it was empty by Monday.

I already know the growler can hold beer, like any good growler should.  But, the vacuum sealed lining of the container will keep the cold cold, and the hot hot... so I can bring soup, or such, to a cold winter race and bring cheer to those around me.... or I can fill it back up with Ten Fidy and drink the cold away... either way, WIN!

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