Monday, April 30, 2012


Things are moving fast over here.  So fast that I wasn't able to ride fast on Sunday - yup, missed the race.

Life gets in the way sometimes.  We met with, and decided on, a realtor on Saturday setting in motion a whirlwind of activity before our first (and hopefully last) Open House next Sunday.  Decision time - race and risk not getting everything in order comfortably (and/or overload Annie with tasks I should be doing) or take care of what needs to be taken care of and miss the race.

It was a relatively easy (hard) decision - but it was the right one.  I skipped Massasoit on Sunday to get some door framing done, make a trip to CT to drop off some "clutter," and clean up and organize the basement back hallway aka bike area.

This afternoon the realtor will be in again to take some final notes, figure out what she wants to rearrange, what to take out, what to bring in - all that good stuff.  Wednesday cleaners will come in and clean the place top to bottom - how sweet is that??!!  And Sunday, well hopefully we'll have some offers.

Annie and I checked out an open house up the street from us - pretty comparable place listed at nearly 110k over ours!!  We thought the price difference would be based on the larger square footage and a garage space.  Come to find out the listed parking space... is rented... so not actually included with the property??  Not sure how you get away with listing that on the property (the rented space is about a block away...), but either way it makes us look even better!!!  Sure their yard space was larger, but our bedrooms and bathrooms were larger - and in my opinion, a better total layout....  Only time will tell, but the market in Southie has been looking good for sellers.

It would be nice to get this out of the way... So in the end, missing one race in order to take the next big step in our lives was a no brainer.  Sure the course looked sweet, but there is much more riding to be had.  I'll be ready for Weeping Willow, hopefully with strong legs and a clear mind/a contract on the condo!

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