Wednesday, April 18, 2012


(I hate video commercials that pop up and screw up a perfectly valid point.... anyway, if you held in there and watched the video then you'll get this)

No, not Kraut.  Grout!

Yesterday I had two (two and a half) jobs to do and then I could ride.  Make that 3 jobs.

First - run down to the post office and pick up my delivery.  Ok, so this isn't a job, a chore, or anything like that.  An errand, and an errand I was excited to fulfill.

Yup, that's me!!  With Monday's date - missed the delivery... and I guess they only try once?

all the way from up North... oooohhh pretty stickers!

A helmet to match Georgia!!

A bag?  For my helmet??  Maybe it's a barf bag for when I push it too hard??
Needed a new tube as the dogs chewed up the last one.... guess it's good I use the biodegradable stuff - less toxic on puppy stomach!

So I can stop playing the "what if" game when I ride without a spare tube.

looking fresh (bathroom lights make
it look orange, but trust me, it's RED!)
even better when I'm passing you

I don't need the new phones with the camera facing you, I'm just that awesome!!!
So that's a whole bunch of road stuff... and I still need a new front tire for the HiFi.  That's just a little important with a race coming up and whatnot.  After my chores for the day the plan was to get in a road ride and on the way back stop at the LBS and pick up a new tire and some more caffelatex.

So, job number 2 - 2.5 re-grout cruddy sections in the upstairs bathroom and grout finishing tiles in the downstairs bedroom.  Two rooms, two different grouts.  The bathroom went smoothly - got some premixed stuff since it was a small job... worked magnificently.  I couldn't get the color for the downstairs in a premixed container, so had to mix it up myself.  And the fun begins....

So I mix the grout up... and now I'm guessing when the picture in the directions shows a guy using a "ruler"(?) to stir you shouldn't use your drill attachment....  directions say let it sit for 10 minutes then re-stir - adding no water - and good to go.  It's not my first rodeo and I know that grout shouldn't be the consistency of... gatorade, soda, water, piss....  ok, let's see if I can let it set for a while.  10 minutes, nope.  Another 10 minutes... add on 15 minutes... wait another 20 minutes...I'll give it another 30 minutes... seriously???  30 more minutes mother fucker!!  There were sections of useable grout in the bucket and I got to work.  

In the end my "ride time" was gone and it was off to the deeps to get some mulch for the backyard.

Job number 3 - Depot visit, pick up 12 bags of mulch... rearrange some crap in the backyard, pull some weeds, dig something up here, move some rocks there, and spread mulch everywhere.  

In the end, tiles are grouted, yard is mulched, and legs are... rideless : (

Today will be a whirlwind of cleaning... if I get started early enough I should be able to get a ride in - it will have to be road.  But that will include sporting the new helmet and stopping at the LBS to get the HiFi race ready (after the washing it desperately needs).  Riding in two sandy places in a row does not make for a happy bike, instead it makes for a noisy angry bike - arg!!

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