Tuesday, April 3, 2012

new stuff

I was anticipating getting a new part for the HiFi this weekend.  I was actually hoping to get it Friday - so I could get it all set to go and get out for a ride on Saturday.  Friday I did get a package... but the box wasn't the right size.... inside I found this

That's right, a crap load of GU.  I had "forgotten" that I had ordered it.  Actually, it just arrived quickly and caught me off guard.  For me, so far, GU is my go to.  I've been playing with Jelly Belly beans, which are good and all - but not for a race.  So I stocked up on GU.

Saturday was a gloomy day... perfect for some bike maintenance.  And finally the box I had been waiting for arrived!!  New Ritchey Comp Flat 5D bars.

sweet purple paper!!
I quickly set up shop (yes, my current workstation is the kitchen) and got to removing the old handlebars.  I must say that I have LOVED the wide big sweep bars.  They provide great leverage, and are super comfortable... but I feel maybe a little too comfortable.  That isn't to say I'm looking to add discomfort to my ride, but I sometimes feel like the positioning of the bar set my posture less aggressive... plus, they are wide.  So squeezing through tight spaces is just that much harder.  So I figured some narrower straight bars would be more to my liking.





Aesthetically, it's a thing of beauty!! 

One area of concern was whether or not I would now have to replace the stem for a shorter one since I have taken away the backsweep from the original bars. Only time will tell.

The Ritchey is shorter...

And of course, there is the lack of backsweep...

I was eager to get out on a test ride... but the weather was crappy... So I had to wait until Sunday to get out for a quick ride at Cutler.  Initial testing says SWEET INDEED!!  I like it.  Control was great, stance was good... still wondering about going shorter on the stem.  I felt like I may have been stretched a little during the ride... so I'll pay attention to that during the next couple of rides and then figure out how much shorter I need to go.

If nothing else... the addition of white bars makes me faster, right?

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