Tuesday, April 24, 2012

new trail!

So a little while back I get this email from a guy named Dean.  It's a great little email... "I've been following your blog for a while now" kinda email.  Those are always great!!  It's nice to have an idea of who may be out there reading along.

Anyway, Dean sent me a link to a Strava track showing a whole new side to Cutler Park  - across the highway.  WHAT!!??!  There is more to Cutler?  I thought I had hit it all and had my circuit all solidified and down pat.  So I thanked Dean - for following and the new lead - and vowed to hit up the "new" section.

On Friday I got my butt out to Cutler and found the new section.  I choose to ride Cutler on Friday because I had to try out my new tire(s).  I mentioned last week that there was a tire debacle.  It was actually a whole big disappointment.  I went to my LBS to grab a new front tire, since mine had a slit in the sidewall and I wanted to get back to a tubeless set up (plus, I just wanted a new front tire anyway!) and all they had out on the floor was a 2.3.  Little too big for what I was looking for.  So I asked if they had any tires anywhere else.... well they didn't.  They did find me a used WTB (of unknown style) that they offered me... and they called over to their other location and offered to have them send over some tires.... the following day - at 4pm (so that would be Saturday... with a race on Sunday).  I thanked them and said I'd just hit up the other location in the AM so I could get the tire on and ride it.

Have you figured out the disappointing part yet?  That my LBS doesn't have tires stocked.  Annie reminded me that this isn't the first time I've been to the shop for something "simple" and returned empty handed.  I guess it's kinda crushing to have a shop you like be somewhat limited.  So I went to the Newton location and they had tires set aside for me...  Bontrager 29.3 Team Issue 2.0.  I was a bit wary of going that small - I was running a 2.1 in the back and 2.25 in the front.  But, beggars can't be choosers, so I grabbed the pair and had to order some caffelatex as they didn't have any in stock - unless I wanted to be another kit... which I didn't.  So order it up I did, and I'd chuck a tube in the front.  I decided to leave the Ignitor on the back with the forecasted rain, I figured it would give me a little more traction in the mud that I was anticipating.

So back to the important stuff, the ride!!  So I first completed my usual loop to get a feel for the tire.  It was narrow for sure.  The kind of narrow that is "that looks funny in that big fork" funny.  But, I liked it!!  I'm not sure if it was real, or in my head, but it did seem to dip the front just a smidgen, but a noticeable smidgen.

As I completed the usual loop I tried to remember what street I saw the entrance on - there looked to be a way to access it on the back end of the trails - but that I wasn't sure of.  So from the parking lot I headed out onto the street and up the hill across 93.  I see roadies on this road all the time, and seriously I don't know how they do it.  Not from a perspective of - oh man this road is tough - that's not the case.   But it was the sheer assholeness of the drivers on this road.  As I jumped on it there were 2 lanes in both directions.  As I get to the bridge crossing the highway it merges from 2 lanes to 1 - but a VERY wide 1.  Some asshole decides that with a lane merge AND a bicycle in the road that they would hold their ground and stay in the lane that was no longer... putting their side view mirror mere inches from my hand.  fucker.

Anyway, cross the highway hit the first left, and then the first left and I'm dumped into a little cul-de-sac with a nice little trail entrance!

I pop in and immediately there is a choice... left or right.  I figured the trail was to the right... as I already said I just crossed the highway and was in a cul-de-sac, but I went left just to see what it was.  It was a short jaunt overlooking the highway.  The building you see in the picture is the building you head behind as you hit the "old" westside of cutler tracing along the highway.

This section of trail shows great use of about 60 yards of land between residential neighborhoods and the highway.  I've always gazed dreamily at forest land running along side highways thinking that there should be trails just following along... seems like a wonderful resource just going to waste... but here it isn't!!  The trail is smooth, fast, flowy.  Typical of Cutler for sure, it's been someones secret paradise! 
Eventually the trail took me down to the railroad tracks and dumped me into another cul-de-sac (word for the day: cul-d-sac).  I wasn't exactly sure where this was or how I would loop back into Cutler, so since I had enjoyed the new trail so much, I just doubled back.  And let me tell you, it was as enjoyable riding it in the opposite direction.  

Oh yeah, the added bonus of the ride is apparently I got KOM on a section on Friday.  I was surprised because I did pause when I hit Needham St to see if I could figure out how to find the new trail....  so even with a stop I got KOM - I'll take it!  When I got home from the ride and downloaded my data I took a look at the map and it looks like where I paused would be a great section to access the westside trail from the bottom, then head up and across the bridge back to the top of Cutler to continue in a new loop.  It will add some more pavement time to the loop, but it adds miles and sweet new trail... so I'm down.  

I'll be throwing the other 2.0 on the back this week and going all sleek racer boy on your ass.  Gotta be faster!


  1. Yeah, thanks for the heads up on it!! If you haven't checked it out, you need to... it really is sweet. I'll be trying to hit it up from the backside today - we'll see how that goes.

    porkchopking? LOVE IT!! ha ha

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