Thursday, April 12, 2012

License to...

cause, it's from License to Ill and all....

I've been a ghost... I've been under the weather... I am .4 pounds from goal (number 1) weight... and this is the 200th post.

Assuming all goes according to plan, we'll be in Charlotte (area) by July.  So the Race page has been "updated."  I'm not sure if I will (be able to) jump into any races once we move down to Charlotte... but if I do it looks like I can/will do two out of three possible races.  I'd skip the Fontana Village race only because it's ass far from Charlotte.  

The other day I was snooping around Strava and came across something that reminded me that Winding Trails is coming up (April 22nd).  Holy crap!!  I need to pre-ride!!  Winding Trails was my very first race (raced in the First Timers class, naturally) and I enjoyed it.  At the time I was happy-ish that I only had to race one lap of it.... but I'm excited to get two laps in this year.  

I jumped on the Root 66 boards and discovered there is a ride scheduled for this Saturday at 9am.  Which is perfect as I have to head back down to CT anyway to drop the dogs off with the parents as we hit the final stretch in getting the place sale ready.  I'm interested to see if there are any changes to the course this year (as I know they added in some new singletrack last year) if it's the same, I'll be happy.  If it's changed any, I'm sure it's still as fast.  

I got my ass over to and signed up.  Looks like I have to pay for the one day license when I register the day off... kinda annoying - I like getting it all done (payment wise) at once.  I checked to see who else was racing and I found that there was no one else in my class yet.... well, not really anyone signed up in ANY class yet.... I'm sure there will be a late rush as it seemed to be a very well attended event last year.  I just checked and there are more people registered for the race at Massasoit the following weekend already...  whatever.

Dunno if I will be able to get in a ride before the pre-ride... but I have next week off for April break... so it will come down to not over riding next week in prep for the race.  I hope the last two days doesn't throw me off too much.  Ah, it's early in the season and I'm racing Cat 3 = it's all good.

* When I was looking for a video off of Licensed to Ill I came across this "wonder"
It's long.... so... feel free to skip it.  I'm not sure where it came from... but just about EVERYONE in hollywood is in this.


  1. Give me a shout when you get here, and we can have a "Welcome to Charlotte" ride.