Monday, April 2, 2012

Larry Legend

Today is the first day of my Larry Bird Year (aka. my 33rd birthday).  Ever since birthdays (or rather the age part) stopped being exciting I've been looking forward to this year for no other reason than my age equals my childhood hero's number.

Yesterday we celebrated my birthday with a celtics game.  We had amazing seats, sitting 3 rows behind the Heat's bench.  Annie had to wonder why so many people talked trash about LeBron as she pointed out he is "one big dude."  Not sure if any of you caught the game, but we saw Wade get completely humiliated right in front of us... here is a replay

You can't really see us in this video as it's very quick... but we are up behind the end of the bench... see the guy in the green shirt right behind the bench, we are the second row behind him just off his left shoulder...  If you catch a glimpse of me you can see me with my fist over my mouth as I looked on in shock and awe at the block.

Before the game I got out for a quick ride over at Cutler.  I left the house feeling like I forgot something... and I did, my HR monitor.... ah well, the main focus was testing out something new on the HiFi anyway. Yup, I got two packages over the weekend that I had been anxiously awaiting (well one of them at least) and they both arrived on Saturday - which was perfect as Saturday morning was miserable with rainy nonsense.  So I got the new part on the HiFi and she was ready to go.  First ride yesterday and initial impressions are positive.  May have to make another adjustment in the future - but I'll get into the details tomorrow.

I'm squeezing into my old Larry Bird jersey today (under my shirt of course) in honor of the man and in celebration of the day.

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