Friday, May 4, 2012

Star Party

Apologies on the lack of blogging going on.  Busy busy busy - open house Sunday!!  Anyone want to move to Southie?  Come buy from a fellow biker!!  If interested, check it here or here.

Today is May the fourth *be with you* aka Star Wars Day (something I just realized) AKA Annie's birthday!!

Annie is a fan of Star Wars (maybe not as big a fan as some) and she about flipped out the other day when I enlightened her to the connection with her birthday.  I guess now I can should stop trying to make her birthday Cinco de Mayo (I've been so committed to getting her to accept this as fact that I accidentally told coworkers that her birthday was in fact on Cinco de Mayo this year).

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  1. I must not be that big of a fan, since I failed to mention that today. I meant to...really.