Wednesday, April 25, 2012


So after my race I hung around and took pictures of the Cat 2 and Cat1/Pro races.  I finally got them all labeled and posted... I'm honestly not super thrilled with them.  I think I chose a decent spot, but I didn't frame them all that well (didn't get much the the actual trail in the shot).  I mean, it's ok - I got the rider and that's the important part... but ideally I like to show the trail as well... so those not participating in the race have an idea of what was really going on in the picture. 

Hey, I'm doing it for free - and I was sitting the in the rain!!  So, if you participated in the race... have a look.  If you are curious... well I guess that's ok too.

Winding Trails pictures.

Also, official results were posted.  Nothing has changed, but it's in the books.  10th place (which still gets me points) and a finishing time of 1:03:26.

Next up, Massasoit.  The LBS (second location) called to let me know my sealant is in, so I'll pick that up today and probably hit up Cutler (since it's right down the street from the shop) to try out the new and improved loop.  I'll get my tires all set (new one on back and back to tubeless all around) tonight.  And tomorrow afternoon hit up Massasoit for a pre-ride (now that I know to follow the yellow blazes).

It's almost May...  that might not mean anything to you.... but for those of us in a school system - HOLY CRAP!!  This year has FLOWN by!


  1. Thanks for sitting in the rain! I thought the pictures were great.

  2. Great pics Mike! You forgot to turn off the belly enhancement filter when you took mine!

    1. must have been the rain distorting the picture, ha ha. I felt bad when I was going through and saw yours was a bit out of focus, my bad!