Thursday, April 26, 2012


I ended up pre riding yesterday... getting your place ready to sell can be kinda crazy.

The original plan was to pick up sealant yesterday, then hit up Cutler since it was right down the street.  Get the new tire on the rear and back to tubeless in the front so that today I would be able to get to Massasoit and pre ride.

Well, I got an email from my wife yesterday letting me know that our third, and final realtor candidate would be by today (Thursday) at 4:30 to check out the place.  And then our contractor who "fixed" our back door was coming by at 5:30 due to the gap in the door and the apparent water coming in now....  blah.

So looks like that means no chance for a ride.  So it was scramble time after work yesterday.  Shoot up to Newton to grab my sealant, and then head back the opposite way to get to Massasoit to get in a ride.  Then back up to Boston to make it for Trivia night.

The pre ride was good.  The first lap I stayed a little closer to the course.  The second lap I latched on to a group of riders about half way through to ensure I stuck to the course - which showed me a spot or two where I had drifted.  I still ended up with 7.33 miles - as opposed to the advertised 7.1 - so I may still have taken a turn here or there I wasn't supposed to.  But overall I like the course.  It is going to be another fast one.  And another case of wishing for rain.  It's sandy out there in spots!!  The singletrack, for the most part, is less technical and not as tight and twisty.  And it felt like there was more climbing than at Winding Trails.

My question, what is up with that last big climb???  That is insane!!  I cleared all the initial climbs - and should be fine come race time.  But that last big one is definitely a straight up hike a bike for me.  Then there is that last short one right before the descent to the finish that I may be able to make depending on if there are riders around... to get in the way and all.  So I'm "excited."  Although I'm not stoked that it doesn't look like I'll get a ride in today... and tomorrow is prom - so no ride then either.... that is no good.  Oh, and we didn't make Trivia last night (just in case you were keeping track).

That just means more energy for race day, right??  ha ha.

I'll leave you with this.  I was eating a delicious Gu packet between laps yesterday and I found myself chewing the Gu... what's up with that?  To chew or not to chew?

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