Thursday, April 5, 2012

Field Testing.

Went for a ride (starting) at Adams Farm yesterday because 1. it was close to work and I didn't get out of work until after 3:30 due to meetings and 2. I hadn't ridden there in a while.

The ride was good.  At first I was feeling a little stretched out with the new set-up but that faded throughout the ride... not sure if I'm still just adjusting to the new cockpit, if the water battole in the back of my jersey was somehow annoying my back, or if I will indeed need to shorten up the 105 stem... we shall see.  And... if I go shorter... how much shorter??  Any suggestions?

I also did a little impromptu testing the garmin edge 500 as well.  I just googled the user manual to see what they listed as their "waterproofing" and didn't find any material addressing it.  From my experience yesterday I can tell you that the unit can sit in about 6" of water for 5 or so minutes and be just fine!!  Of course that test was an accident!!  And as soon as I looked down and noticed it was gone I KNEW it was in the little stream I had crossed about .5 mile back.... YIKES.  I came to the stream crossing on the wrong angle and didn't carry enough speed, so as I hit the other side I had to jump off the bike.  Didn't really crash, just kinda laid the bike down.  I didn't think to check the garmin to make sure it was there, I didn't think there was any reason for it NOT to be there, so I continued on.  As I hit a dirt road I stopped to figure out where I was and if I should keep going (I hadn't been this far out previously) and that is when I noticed a missing computer.  So I took off back to the stream hoping it would be there.... I was HOPING it would be beside the water.... when I didn't see it I gleamed a little white in the mucky leaf covered bottom... hand in water- computer out of water.  It was still working (although with a "lost satellite reception message") and I was relieved.

Remember kids: ALWAYS close the weather proof plug in the back tightly before riding.  I think that was a big saving point there!!

So I grabbed the garmin and continued back to where I had stopped and realized it was gone.... I tore down the dirt road and came to another water crossing and then railroad tracks.  From my intelligent phone I saw there was more forest down the tracks a bit.... do I ride beside the tracks on big gravel to check out the possibility of trail... or head back?  Clouds were closing in a bit so I headed back.  But I'll do a little research/recon to see what is further out that way... I'd love to be able to make a huge loop out there!


  1. The rubber cover fell off mine. I have the port covered with Gorilla Tape.

    1. I was so thankful that rubber cover was in there snug... thing is still running like a champ!!