Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Waking up while camping always seems kinda peaceful. The morning light grows slowly, causing one to stir (a little earlier then you had planned...) and face the day. 

1st question, how bad of a hurting did I put on myself with the beverage consumption last night. As always, I had a couple more than advisable for mountain bike racing the next day. Plan of attack/recovery: eat, hydrate, sweat it out!

Grabbed my "everything" bagel and started dipping into my onion and chives cream cheese, chasing it down with the biggest water bottle I had.  I slowly got ready, sifting through wet gear and eating a clif bar. I mixed my bottles for the race, and one for pre race - downing that Osmo goodness to try to help get me on level ground. My head did not appreciate any sort of bending over, which worried me. How would it react to racing?

Finishing my bottle of hydrating magic I hopped on my bike to see how much my head/body would revolt. To my surprise, things were "ok."  I spun out on the roads of the camp ground attacking hills and searching for the start of the course. I found it, after a nice road climb (and of course, descent) but was running short on time so no chance to explore the trails at all. I headed back up the hill and stopped in quick at the pterodactyl before the start for some more water. 

Drinking water now tasted horrible. I hit that point where my body was calling it quits on the forced hydration, so be it. I joined the disheveled mob at the start and listened to our directions. 

The siren went off and we all took off at various speeds. The fast people shot out, the rest of use found our pace. I was spinning out until we got to the climb where I was able to bridge the building gap, catching the back of the front pack before we crested the hill. Tucking we flew down the backside toward the trail. 

Now I'm severely out of time, and will likely not be able to finish this at work... so until tomorrow. 

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