Monday, September 16, 2013


Old dog.  New tricks.  All that jazz.

Saturday my buddy Sean came down to Charlotte and we snuck in a little ride before he had to "conduct some business."  He really did have some business to attend to... quotes just felt right.

Anyway, months back Sean and I partook in the Tour De Charlotte (I in the mass of riders, Sean as a racer) and he got a brief taste of BYT.  I figured it was time that he got a proper tour of the joy that is BYT.  Since the Glow Worm was getting some brake love at my LBS, it was time to pull out the HiFi.  I had to rinse off a nice thick layer of concrete dust from the bathroom remodel and throw on a saddle and some pedals... but soon it was looking ready to ride.  Let me tell you, forks that move are WEIRD!!  Even in the parking lot I was like "woah, this things dips and dives!!"  I got over it.

Armed with our cameras, we hit up the trails.  We were just messing around, filming briefly here and there, enjoying the trail and all the recent improvements (crazy big drop/launches right off the start now).  Unfortunately, our ride got cut short as one of Sean's cleat bolts decided to abandon ship making clipping in/out impossible.  As BYT has been known to inflict pain from time to time we decided we better bail before he snapped an ankle or tore a ligament.  

What Sean did see, he loved!  We got through about half of the trail, so it wasn't a bad introduction.  He went ape shit over the poo tracks - imagine that...  We'll get out there again, for sure.  Maybe next time we'll be able to compile enough footage to do something with. 

Oh, I almost forgot to talk about the new trick.  So... there has always been one boulder that I haven't been able to conquer.  You know the one... it's after the tight squeeze through two rocks into a quick up, pass by the run-off drop, around the bend and BLAM, there it is!  Anyway, I've always stalled out on it, no matter what line I attempted to take.  Sean set me straight.  And on my first try with the new vision in my head I killed it.  No longer will I have to dread the boulder and put a foot down.  


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