Thursday, September 5, 2013

bike to work

Why I need (in no particular order) to bike to work...

I want to
I'm not riding enough as it is
Not enough time with the wife (by the time Annie gets home from work I'm off to bed a few hours later)
...which then leads to not selfishly riding after work...
The pterodactyl could use a break, before it breaks...
I want to

Why I don't bike to work...
haven't figured out the best route yet - haven't truly investigated it... lazy
unsure of the shower availability at work... lazy
would have to plan on leaving clothes (or carrying them with me)... lazy
don't know how to "commute"; to ride at an easier tempo to reduce sweat and whatnot... not wired that way
i would have to get up earlier, maybe?

So, if my language math is correct...
- my mis-wiring which doesn't allow me to not ride at a tempo that would reduce sweat can be rectified by solidifying the ability to shower at work - it's a school, at the very least there are gym showers...
- clothes could be left at work ahead of time... or I can just carry them with me - would just have to deal with wrinkles - ah ha!  leave an iron/board in the office.
-I currently get up at 5(ish) and leave the house by 6:30 to arrive at work before 7 ("start" time is 7:15). If I left by bike at 5(ish) and biked the 13ish miles, I'd be there in under an hour easily.  Plenty of time to stop sweating, shower, iron (if needed) and get dressed.

Anyone see any errors in my computation?  See any reason why I shouldn't get on commuting... other than the fact that it's gonna be getting dark earlier soon? (lights are a glorious thing)