Thursday, September 19, 2013

1 or 2?

This weekend, as I head to Georgia for the Southern Singlespeed Championships, Annie is coming with me!  Annie hasn't been to a race in a while... I think the winter series was the last time, but I don't blame her.  There typically isn't much spectating available at XC races.  Since it will be a weekend long event, and we haven't gone camping in a looong time, we figured two birds/one stone and all that jazz.  The next question was, do we bring the dogs?

Yes.  No.  Maybe?  Yes.  Maybe not Scout...  It's not that we wouldn't LOVE to have Scout with us, but she can be a bit of a spazz with her barking and growling.  She sounds tough, but at the same time she is barking or growling at someone she is backing up and trying to find her way in between my legs.  She was a rescue.  A rescue at a very young age mind you, but she's always been skiddish.  So, a camp ground full of rowdy singlespeeders is probably not the best place for her... or for me getting any sleep as she barks at anyone still up partying.  Or for Annie trying to mind two dogs while I'm out riding around in the woods.

So, I think the plan will be to leave Scout at home with my brother while Annie, Maggie, and myself head down this weekend.  Maggie loves the water, and she hasn't been swimming in quite a while, so that will be nice for her.  Plus, she's a Georgia girl - it's about time she got back to her home state.

I'm excited for this weekend.  Not sure how the "race" will go - but I'm betting on FUN!  Looking forward to seeing a bunch of people I know, kinda know (internerd style), and have never heard of before.  Let's just hope I, and the Glow Worm, make it out in one piece!

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