Wednesday, September 11, 2013


It was a sign. 

Last night as I was giving the Glow Worm some attention and tweaking a few thing prior to the group ride I was approached by another rider with a brake question.  I dropped my bike prep to see if I could get him rolling again.  He had me stumped as his rear brakes were totally locked up. 

He said he just had it serviced, but had ridden since that service without a problem.  We took his rear wheel off to see if it was a stuck piston. Things were stiff back there and a bike lever wasn't really getting the job done to spread those pistons. We managed to squeeze the wheel back on but things didn't look good for his ride. 

My brakes are still breeding professional help. They "work," but I'm pulling way to far for the rear - I've bleed them but it always seems to soften up. So, today I will do my best to get to the shop after work so a real wrench can mess with them. 

The guy in the parking lot, he eventually messed with his brakes enough were things were good and he met up with us out on the trail.  He wasn't exactly sure what he did, but it sounded like there was some interference between his pad and the clip, and when whatever that was "popped out" his pads sat back. 

By the time we got out riding darkness was already coming. The pace was quick, and the 20 was spinning me out - I couldn't keep up. Makes me worry a bit for the trip down to Georgia for the Southern Singlespeed Championchips. It'll be less of a race and more of a party ride for me I think. 

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