Monday, September 23, 2013

It rained

I got down to Georgia around 1 on Saturday and there wasn't really any rain. I set up camp with a great water view and pondered my next move, pre ride  tomorrow's course or race short track. A quick poll of the internerds provided enough feedback to get me racing on both days. 

I hit the short track and loved it instantly!  Less than a mile the route went through campsites (up and over railroad tie embankments), down stairs, and through the sand pit of a kiddies playground.  It was fun. I rode a couple laps to find my lines and then it was time to wait for the start. 

That is when the rain happened. Serious rain. Enough rain to make me question racing. But, I was already wet, so I stood around and waited. Luckily there was a pop up set up by the start/finish that provided some shelter. Eventually it started to let up some and the race was on. 

They ran smaller heats of 4(ish) racers at a time, top 2 advancing. My heat ended up leaping someone and I was caught up behind a rider from the previous heat. Didn't have enough course to catch back up so it was one and done for me. 

Once the race was finished people took a fat bike off a dock. 

It was amusing to say the least. 

I had already dried off and changed so I did not partake in the jumping. 

The weather cleared and, as one would imagine, much beer was consumed that evening.  

Although the rain kept Annie (and others... Jon "Danger: of being a chut" Evans) away, it would turn out to be exactly what the trail needed. 

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