Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sometimes, waiting is good

I spent WAY too much time google mapping my adjust route from the other days road ride to avoid having to "frogger" my way through traffic.  In the end, it was a good thing I was so studious about my new alternative route... because I discovered the easy greenway access wasn't so easy after all once I street viewed the bitch.

Here we have google telling me, "no worries, you can bypass Independence, grab the greenway and be on your way."

That looks cool, I wonder if there is a tunnel under, or maybe some overpass I can't see... let's check it out! (Thank goodness I did!)

Here we are coming to the dead end where the trail should start and cross you over Harris...

ummm... greenway?
Ok, so maybe the picture is old... and there is a path now??  Let's investigate further, shall we?

Let's see about crossing Harris.

well, it's nice there are dips and grips in the curb where you can sprint through traffic...
and stairs to the legit greenway.
So, in the end I scrapped that idea.... maybe there is some legit crossing, but from the google evidence it seems doubtful.  So, instead (after wasting time and energy) I put together a more fluid neighborhood loop.  Two stop lights to contend with.  One crossing a busy road, and as such it is a bastard waiting for the light to change, especially as it doesn't seem to sense a bicycle - so without a car around I get stuck at a cycle-less light.  The other light is no big deal as I take a right into a bicycle lane.

Of course I was feeling less then energized during the ride, and I missed the cut through "greenway" on my first lap.  But, in the end I think I have a decent more local route that can be repeated to get the miles.  Decent elevation changes throughout so I can certainly get some efforts in there as needed/desired.

Today I will be getting dirty.  The weather should be amazing and the trails should be good to go now.  Looks like I might be hitting up Col. FB to check out the newly opened black diamond addition.  From pictures I saw posted on the local forums, looks like there is some big jumps out there - we'll see how bold I get.


  1. holy crap, it looks warm, look at all the leaves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It was in the low/mid 60s today... we had steady 70s not too long ago. It is awesome riding this time of year!

  3. Replies
    1. Yeah it is... not me though, pulled that off the forums. I was out there today but conditions were a bit soft (rain a few days ago) so I didn't want to be tearing anything up. Nice wooden roller into that jump.