Thursday, December 20, 2012

sweet berms

As I had planned, I hit up Col FB yesterday and I have one thing to say.  DAAAAAAMMMMNNNN that new section is SWEET!!!

The berms are killer.  Perfectly places and just speed inducing!  There are there wooden jumps, and one rock placed launcher.  For the first two wooden jumps you need to know the trail to get your speed up before you come upon them.  The last one has a constructed wooden roller into it, so all you have to do is point and shoot.

I didn't partake in any jumping as the trail is new (soft) and it was still a little dampish out on that section.  But it is a GREAT little addition to the trails out there.

I hadn't ridden Col FB in a little bit and I almost forgot how great of a trail it is, albeit a shortish loop.  But the trail they have there is some good stuff.  Plenty of roots to navigate.  As I was going over every root I was thinking about how this trail will look on a rigid singlespeed - completely different for sure.

Not sure where I'll be riding today... maybe Steve's.  Dunno.  But I do want to ride.  I'm trying to get off the lazy wagon and get back on the bike riding one... Strava has a new "goal" feature that let's you set... wait for it... a goal for the week.  It can be in either miles or hours.  I'm more concerned with getting out more frequently - I went with miles.  I figured, I try to hit at least 12 miles on a mountain bike ride, so a goal of 50 would be at least 4/5 rides a week.  Of course, if any of those rides are on the road then mileage will blow up.  But I figured it's a good starting point.  I can always increase the goal.

I also want to pick up a bottom bracket tool so I can get that sucker on.  Who knows... maybe a ride and some tooling around on the One9... man, what a beautiful bike day that would be.

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