Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tayhaus Pete

Look what I got in the mail today.

I've never held a crankset (or arm) in my hand before, and I must say it was heavier than I thought.  I know this isn't the lightest set out there, but I got a deal on it - and right now deals are where it's at (to an extent).  But it's all good, all those pretty rings will come off and be replaced with a singular.  I was thinking of going to get a bottom bracket wrench today and putting this bad boy on... but since I don't yet have the singlespeed ring to put on the crankset, I may just wait...  I dunno.  I'm excited to have an actual part I can install on the One9, and with all the rain we've had it doesn't look like the trails will be friendly... so that would leave me with riding the streets again.  Which leads back to wanting to get on installing what I can... we'll see how it all shakes out today.

Over the weekend I hit the streets, cause of the rainy crap we got.  I followed some of the local "bike routes" that have street signage throughout the Charlotte area, and patched them together with some "unofficial" routes that were posted on the city's map.  It was a lot of city riding, meaning stop lights.  Traffic wise it was a great ride, mostly good routes.  BUT, it had me cross Independence.  Yeah... at a non-traffic light intersection.  On a Sunday, it was doable... during the week that would be ABSOLUTELY MENTAL.  For those not from the Charlotte area, Independence is a crazy busy 6 lane (3 on each side) divided "highway."  

I have no idea how crossing that is in anyway a good "unofficial" route that would be labeled on a map from the city for bike routes...  YIKES.  Luckily it looks like there is a greenway not to far off that I can hopefully utilize to bypass the highway crossing and still get across, in a safe leisurely manner.  So, that will be adjusted and tested at a later date.

Last night we had an indoor picnic of sorts.  Chilidogs, deviled eggs and 'gansett.  I don't know about you, but I don't need my condiments telling me how they should be used.

"For Hot Dogs & Hamburgers - A Serving Suggestion"

Thanks Texas Pete, but I think I can figure out what to do with your "Chili Sauce."

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