Thursday, December 13, 2012

if I must

I got my "final reminder" email yesterday that my REI dividend would be disappearing at the end of the month if I don't use it up.  Well, you don't really have to twist my arm too much... First, I did have to consult our financial advisor over here (Annie) to ensure we didn't need anything more important from REI.  Sure enough, we didn't have any pressing business with REI.

So, I was put up to the task of reviewing their bicycle offerings that would suit my newest acquisition.  After a thorough combing it came down to an easy decision, I'll be receiving my new crankset for the One9 on December 19th.  Not only was this purchase less then what I had envisioned for my build, but I also got a substantial discount (and FREE shipping) due to my dividend.  

I'll leave the details vague... mainly so I'll have more to talk about later.  But I'm psyched to finally have a part coming specifically for the singlespeed build, and for the opportunity to actually install the first part for the One9.

The following is hypothetical:

If I can get enough parts together maybe I can even race the One9 for the Winter Series...

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