Tuesday, December 11, 2012


So, I'm in the parking lot waiting on the rest of the riders to show so I figure I'll get the bike all ready to go - you know... check the tire pressure and whatnot.  So I pull the HiFi off the rack and set it down.  Grab the pump out of the back of the pterodactyl and rotate the front wheel so the valve is towards the bottom.  Throw down a couple pumps and the front is good to go.

I move to the back wheel.  Give her a spin to get the valve at the bottom and notice something isn't right.  The wheel isn't turning freely.  I get a half spin out of each effort...  yikes.  The disc is clearly resting on the brake pad.  I release the tension on the skewer and of course the wheel is free to spin for days.  Without any further adjustments I close the skewer and all is right with the world.  Weird, I know.

BUT.  That explains a lot about my previous ride where everything was off kilter.  A dragging rear wheel would certainly explain why I was feeling so weak and out of it.  Which could then lead to sluggish handling, and an overall "stuck in my head" sort of ride.   I guess I really should be showing the HiFi a little more love between rides.

The plan is to get it into the shop today for an overhaul.  Get it nice and spiffy for the Winter Series.  So that means road riding for a bit - but that's ok, seems that "winter" is here cause we've been hit with a few showers over the past few days.

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