Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Get out

Ever have one of those days when you hit the trail and something is just off??

I started off with some sort of squeak going on... couldn't tell if it was brake rub or something with the cranks... it was intermittent, but annoying enough.  I think it's about high time to get the HiFi in for a full tune up anyway...

So, it started with a squeak that had me thinking.  Then I just couldn't get out of my head.  It felt as though my bike handling skills had dropped in the toilet this morning and I never fished them out.  I was fumbling over the simplest things.  And when it got to sections that are actually a challenge to clear things didn't really improve.  I tried to slow myself down and rerun any section I had trouble with... but something was preventing me from going full tilt and just clearing the damn things.  I was there but just couldn't get it up and over, so to speak.  I felt drained.  I felt defeated.

Halfway through the ride I grabbed hold of myself (figuratively) and shook.  My handling skills aren't gone, I'm just way too far inside my own head right now.  I decided to throw out the idea that my handling skills were garbage and tried to get back to basics.  Pay attention to body position.  Get up out of the saddle.  Just F'n ride!!

And wouldn't you know, things started turning around.  By then though the ride had taken a toll on my legs and energy and I almost bailed on the last section of trail.  I stopped at the trailhead balancing my choices: End while behind, or ride it since you are here!  I decided for the later, but my inner debate brought up a valid question.  At what point should you call a ride quits in order to preserve yourself, and avoid unnecessary risk or crashes?  I wasn't completed wasted, so it wasn't like I would be on a death march just to finish off the trail.  But having been off my game for the majority of the ride, is it better to call it and just ride another day?

I dunno.  It seems more often then not my limiting factor (both JRA and in races) is the mental part.  When I get too far in my own head things fall apart.  Body position goes to hell, trail vision disappears and I'm only looking in front of the front wheel, and I just lose the push... Riding will improve skill, but what improves the "headiness"?

When I figure that one out I'll be taking a huge leap forward.

Anyway, I took a bunch of pictures while out on the trail as they keep adding and building out there.  I just wanted to share a photo or two.  I took a picture of thins nasty "root ball" that tops a short steep climb that you run into as you turn towards the top.  It is just annoying.  I had to take a picture because of all the stuff that up and overs are built on, this would be just about the only place that I would really appreciate a little help with!!

After looking at my photos I'm thinking it isn't the root so much that gives me the trouble.... it's that evil spirit living in the tree!!


  1. I was going to ask whose big foot is that? What are you using for a camera? I find with my droid (that's my camera these days) if I shoot into the sun I get a reflection off the interior lens that gives you Lathe of Heaven effect.

    1. I use my Iphone out on the trail, and it was indeed something on the protective casing giving some sort of glare, but it looked kinda eery. Hadn't seen that before.