Monday, December 3, 2012

SS dreamin

Even with Georgia losing, it was still a great game!
In order to "prepare" for the wings and beer that would be consumed during the SEC Championship game I hit the trails.  I was back and forth on which trail to hit and finally decided to hit up Sherman Branch (it is a straight shot from our place so it's pretty damn easy to get to - 1 road/10 miles).  This place was hopping!  In the past I've ridden the trails during the week and there have been few, if any, cars in the lot when I've been there.  On Saturday, the lot was full.

Even with a full lot you still had the trails to yourself for the most part - catching glimpses of riders through the trees here and there.  Gave me motivation to push a little hard to 1. "catch" the guy ahead of me down the trail 2. keep in front of anyone who may be coming up behind.  That isn't to say I was racing out there, but it kept me honest.  Of course, when a faster rider was on my tail I let him get on by.

I did come across two (separate) riders sans helmets out on the trail.  It kinda threw me off and I wasn't quite sure if I should say something or not.  In the end I didn't say anything as I was riding by... but should a comment be made?  I mean, I guess it's their choice.

So, after my first loop I realized this is a SUPER SS friendly trail.  The only real shifting I did was when hitting straight aways to pick up speed.  But for the most part you could stay in one gear and just rail.... so that has got me chomping on the bit to get in on this SS thing.

The Niner is still sitting in frame state.  I've got my build list together, but can't spend the money yet.  Soon though (hopefully).  Had an interview on Wednesday that went well, and I expect (fingers crossed) that there will be an offer coming in soon.  That would be bitter sweet... Great, cause it's a job and money and whatnot, not so great in that it isn't my ideal job... but again, money and whatnot is kinda important.

Sunday was race day.  But, I'll get into that tomorrow... until then, I leave you with this.


  1. On riders w/o helmets...
    It is their right and choice to not wear a helmet, but is it also their right to spoil my ride as I wait for the EMTs to haul their lifeless bodies out of the woods? Personally the freedoms that having a functioning brain (in a worst case scenario)are well worth any inconvenience a helmet might inflict.

    1. I'm with ya... I don't see how wearing a helmet has any negative effect on one's ride.