Tuesday, May 29, 2012

bad bad stuff

Relax, only minor stuff.

So I missed my post on Friday (bad).. then again, so did many people - so I don't feel so bad.  What I DO feel bad about is missing my planned bike commute to work.

I'm not sure what happened.  If I forgot to set my alarm (uhm, after work celebration for Annie on her impending departure from her current job) or if I shut it off in my sleep?  Either way, I luckily awoke at 6:23 - my planned departure time for the ride into work: 6 AM.

So scrap the ride, hustle to get ready and shoot out the door just in time to sit in traffic.... there were a number of accidents which held things up immensely.  Meaning, I could have ridden to work (even with the late start) and STILL gotten to work faster.  Such is life.

On the bright side, still played some dodgeball at school on Friday.  Personally, didn't do phenomenally, but it was still fun!

This weekend was a busy one with riding/exploring, tweaking the rides, and cookouts.  All perfect things for the summer.  Speaking of summer, the heat was up big time for my ride on Saturday... so not ready for the heat... but that's what I'm headed into huh??  Looks like the camelbaks will be back in rotation with the heat up and the need for more hydration will be high.

I'll get into the rides and bike stuff later this week.  Today I hit up the bike commute, for real this time.  Hopefully I'll squeeze between the late night/early morning showers and late after noon (possible) thunderstorms.

I forgot to post this earlier (bad), but better late then never...

On the way back from scouting my bike commute route I noticed a police car blocking a turn off... as I went through the intersection I saw a curious sight so I hooked back through a CVS parking lot and found this.  The MBTA bus didn't quite make it under the bridge.  Yup, ripped the roof right off.  I asked an onlooker if it had caught fire (since the hoses were out) and he said nope.  The dangerous situation was that these busses run on natural gas (pretty neat) and the tanks are on the roof....  oops.

You could smell the gas in the air, and unfortunately there wasn't any wind that day so it was just hanging around.  I took off pretty quick, so I don't know how long it took to get the whole scene sorted out, but I felt bad each time I passed people waiting for the bus on my way back into town... I wondered how long it would take for them to get picked up?

Leaky busses won't slow my commute down!

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