Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Same old, same new

Friday I debated all day as to where I should ride.... should I ride somewhere totally new - explore some new trails and experience all that Massachusetts mountain biking has to give before the great departure?  Should I get in some good miles over at Wompatuck?  The options were killing me.  One thing I did know is that I needed to get a spare tube as I wasn't running tubeless and didn't have a functional spare ready... so in the end that made the decision.  Hit up the not so favorite shop close to work to get a tube and then over to the local (to work) trail - Adams Farm.

I've been stretching out the miles by exploring out and beyond the farm.  The farm trails themselves are typically tight and twisty - which is fun, but can get dizzying and disorienting after a while.  Not to mention frustrating when all you want to do is get back to the main fire road and you seem to turn back on yourself about 5 times before finally braking out of the maze of trails....

So, since I had extended mileage one way I thought I would see if more miles could be squeezed out of the other direction.  Typically I stay away from this side as it involves muddy wet trails at all times of the year.  I braved the muck and mud to find that the far reaches of the powerlines end in overgrown trails, and thus my quest to stretch the mileage ended.... so back through the mud, water, and muck I rode.

This adventure was not all for not.  I did find some sweet new (to me) twisting singletrack on the far side of the powerlines as I was heading to the stretch of my ride.  It was absolutely pristine packed trail... with the typical winding design.  They really worked to pack in the trail there!!  It was an absolutely amazing find... not only was it twisting, but it did stretch out and give an alternative singletrack trail to the fire roads on the powerlines.  For so long I had stayed away from the far side of the powerlines due to the mud and muck found on the bottom of the hill... a little exploration can go a long way in developing a nice ride route!!

More rain today... but the rest of the week should be good and rideable!!

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