Thursday, May 24, 2012

If you can dodge an MBTA bus....

You can dodge a ball!!  Dodgeball tournament tomorrow in school. 

This is the second annual tournament and it is a blast!!  I think this year we have two teacher teams.  It's a great fundraising event, and where else do teachers students get to whip balls at students teachers?

Tomorrow I will be biking to school as well.  Tonight I'll figure out what bag I'll be taking, pack everything up, put a blinky on the bag and I'll be good to go.  Let's just hope I get up early enough... well I GET UP early enough on a regular morning, let's hope I get my ass in gear fast enough to make this happen.

Yesterday we had a presentation for the juniors and their parents about college... at 7pm.  School ends at 2:30 and traffic to and from Boston between those times is horrendous, so what to do?  Ride of course!!

I hit up Foxboro as I figured trails would be wet and there is enough interesting fire roads to keep me busy there.  On the drive in I peeked through the woods things were looking pretty dry... is that possible?  I didn't really want to risk the increased chance of a crash with wet roots and rocks on the tight twisting singletrack since I had to be back at school for the presentation so I figured I'd still stick with the fire road route anyway.  That lasted about a mile.  Things were looking way too good to pass up.  The trails had an amazing tackiness and the roots and rocks were damp - but not enough to induce any serious slickness. 

At the start of the ride my legs felt dead... something about hitting it hard for a few days and then resting too long just kills me.  Before too long my legs joined the game and I was flying along the trails.  With the singletrack being available I rode to get lost - no route in mind.  And it turned out to be a pretty sweet ride.  I ended up double back on a couple trails but it was fun. 

All around great ride, well, minus the humidity which left me completely drenched as I got back to the pterodactyl.  Showering in a high school locker room... I cringed at the thought of getting a wonderful case of foot fungus from the shower, but an entire can of axe wasn't going to do the job - nor would I want it to.

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