Monday, May 14, 2012

the wheels are(n't) rolling

I ended up dropping the HiFi off at the LBS as the rear wheel was just too out of true for me to handle.  I was struggling with the idea of getting a tune up as well... and in the end went with it.  More money, but it will be nice to have the bike all fresh, clean, and ready to race... Hopefully with the space (Bike Haven) of a new (eventual) house I can have a proper shop and learn to get all this maintenance done myself. 

Saturday we headed to CT to get the puppies as well as get out of the way of the home inspection.  I was excited at the opportunity to get in a road ride or two.  Ended up with just the one on Saturday due to a flat.  It was a nice little ride, pretty flat though.  I didn't want to take the chance on another ride on Sunday before heading back to Boston because I didn't have another spare tube and I wasn't even sure if my tire is still good.

It's got a slit across the middle of the tread that goes clear through.  Of course I didn't have my patch kit on me - so fingers crossed I made my way home.  I was nervous on the ride back that it would split open more... it didn't.  So I think it is something I can patch and glue and it will be good to go...  I would hate to think that road tires would need to be replaced so quickly.  No one ever said biking was a cheap sport!
I'm digging road biking, I seem to be able to kick my own ass thoroughly on road rides without hating myself (too much)... which will hopefully translate into positive results on the mountain bike. 

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