Tuesday, May 15, 2012

riding and racing

What started as a hopeful season has quickly spiraled into a big weak mess.  I actually "trained" this "winter" and with the weather what it was, got more rides in this winter than ever before.  Then the season came on us quick and things fell apart.

Making big life decisions and all the preparation that comes along with that took the wheel (as it should) leaving riding (and therefore, racing) in the back seat.  Rick reminded me yesterday (via his blog) that Weeping Willow is this weekend.  Not sure why it's listed as closed already when registration supposedly ends on the 18th?

So it's real, it's in my face, it's decision time.  Do I suck up the lack luster riding I've managed the last couple weeks and race?  Seriously, it's pathetic... a quick look at strava will show you how far from race ready I am... hell, I can't even consider myself a mountain biker with the number of rides I have under my belt lately... 3 rides in the last 4 weeks (2 of which were road rides). 

I think at this point I have to step back from racing this season and just get back to riding.  I mean, our time up here is limited now, so I might as well get back to riding and enjoying the trails as much as I can before I head down south.  As Annie pointed out, they have a winter series down in Charlotte... maybe by then we'll be settled enough that I can get back into the swing of things and start racing down there?  But I'm sure I'll have a ton of exploring to do down there as well... so many new trails to enjoy - it is exciting.

If I do follow through with the no racing thing, hopefully I will get out there as a spectator - take some more pictures and cheer on all the great racers I have met.  Nothing beats mountain bike racing, that is for sure.  I'll be out there again - just maybe not this season.

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  1. Maybe what you need are a couple Wrath of the Boneyard pre-rides to get you feeling "race ready".