Wednesday, April 30, 2014

WV bound

With the chaos going on and the lack of consistent posting I don't believe I mentioned I wrecked on the Meuse heading back from the April Birthday Pub Crawl Ride - TheMutt talked about it here, so catch up.

So, after I left the group I came upon a car sitting oddly in the middle of a side street.  There were cars parked on both sides of the street, and this car was just sitting there, kinda crooked.  As I approached I could see through the headlights that the rear passenger side door was open - ok, they are dropping someone off.  As I am passing the car on the right I see at the last minute that the individual who had been dropped off was now circling around the back of the car and apparently not looking.  I yelled out, but it was too late - they stepped out right in front of me.  BAM!

I go a tumbling, the Silk Worm gut punches the individual (who drops his briefcase) and my light goes skidding.  I jump up pissed.  Who doesn't look before crossing a street?  I'm greeted with "What the F??"  Oh, we are playing that game?  "What the F, man?  I had a F'n head lamp on.  You didn't see me??"  Some bystander yells out to see if we are ok during our exchange.  I pick up my light and reattach it to my handlebars, he picks up his papers... important papers man.

Bystander yells out again, and we both answer simultaneously that we are ok.  The individual promptly gets into his car as I look over my bike.  Whoever was dropping off the individual had turned around by now and pulls up to see if I'm ok.  "Yeah, I'm ok.  That F'n guy didn't even look before he stepped out in front of me."  The individual pulls off... so I guess we are done here, and I head home.

Other than angry feels, I did get a boo boo.

Poor me.

So now that we are caught up, er almost.  The next time I took the Silk Worm out for a ride I noticed a wobble in the rear wheel... because of the crash.  Damnit!  So back to the present/future.  I brought said wobbly rear wheel with me to work today to get trued as Annie and I head to her homeland (Morgantown, WV) this weekend for her Birthday.  There is a crazy gravel ride up in them there hills, you may have heard about it??  The Hilly Billly Roubaix??    It's all insane and whatnot... but that's what I got the Silk Worm for in the first place, right?  Perhaps I will preview the course... but first I'm thinking I need to address the gearing on that beast before we head out there!

So that was a mess of past/present/future that held some thread of congruence.  Whatever... at least you know there will likely be some entertaining suffer stories when I return from Western Virginia.

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  1. Say hi to Sleezy Steve Harouf for me. Enjoy the HBR!!!